Third most expensive penthouse in world sold for Rs 1133 crore in Dubai

Third most expensive penthouse in world sold for Rs 1133 crore in Dubai

Dubai’s standing for richness and loftiness as of late has taken off higher than ever with the offer of the third most costly penthouse all around the world.

The Como Homes project, settled in the esteemed Palm Jumeirah, saw an exceptional arrangement as a penthouse got a stunning 500 million dirhams, comparable to Rs 11,33,18,49,355.

This deal not only hardened its situation as the priciest in the city yet in addition set it among the main three costliest penthouses around the world, dragging along just London and Monaco.

Dubai’s esteemed Milestone

As per records from the Dubai Land Division (DLD), the penthouse deal at Como Homes has laid out a milestone in the city’s land history. This stupendous exchange connotes something beyond a trade of property; it represents the zenith of extravagance living in a city currently prestigious for its lavishness.

Worldwide Rankings in Extravagance Land

Dubai’s freshest diamond in land guarantees its spot as the third most costly penthouse all around the world, before exclusively by properties in London and Monaco.

The top position is at present held by the Odeon Pinnacle Penthouse in Monaco, esteemed at a stunning 440 million bucks (Rs 36,63,34,76,000), while the subsequent spot is guaranteed by London’s Penthouse D at One Hyde Park, evaluated at 237 million bucks (Rs 19,73,20,27,500).

Bits of Knowledge into the Record-Breaking Arrangement

The great deal at Como Homes was coordinated by Sam Horani, partner accomplice of Opportune Bequest, highlighting the ability of realtors to fix noteworthy exchanges. Horani, pondering the deal, portrayed the penthouse as something other than a living space yet a demonstration of extreme extravagance and eliteness.

Determinations of the Extravagant Penthouse

Spreading over a great 21,949 square feet, the penthouse flaunts five rooms and a committed confidential lift, improving both solace and security for its occupants. Outfitted with a best-in-class home robotization framework, this home represents innovation, permitting consistent administration of the climate to suit the occupants’ inclinations.

A Brief Look at Extravagance

One of the penthouse’s most dazzling elements is its all-encompassing perspective on Dubai’s horizon. Floor-to-roof windows enhance the space, welcoming occupants to submerge themselves in the city’s magnificence, offering a stunning vista that exemplifies the lively embodiment of Dubai.


The offer of the Como Homes Penthouse in Dubai not only breaks records in the city’s housing market yet in addition concretes its situation among the first-class properties around the world. This exchange fills in as a demonstration of the charm of Dubai’s extravagance land and its capacity to reclassify lavishness in current living ceaselessly. As the city develops, such momentous deals stand as a demonstration of Dubai’s resolute obligation to lavishness and loftiness in the domain of land.

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