Howrah Bridge: 7 Best things maybe you don't know

     Howrah bridge which is suspended span over the Hooghly (Hugli) river, and is also known as Bhagirathi Hugli. In the Bengal the local resident called it as Kati-Ganga.

Howrah Bridge: 7 Best things maybe you don't know
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     Hugli river is around 260 KM long, short basic history of Hugli river a mythical king Bhagiratha who is the reason due to these the Ganga river came to earth from heaven with the help of God of destruction Mahadev.

Bhagirath did these too gave a Mokshya to his ancestor from the curse of Maharishi Kapila.

1) Bridges on Hugli river:

     There are around 12 bridges on the Hugli river but do you know which bridge is the oldest bridge on Hugli River.

     Vivekananda Setu which is also called Bally bridge and Willingdon bridge after the Vice Roy of India, the bridge is around 900m long, 90 years old & still standing and it links the city of Howrah at Bally to Kolkata at Dakshineswar. 
     These bridge opened in 1930, the bridge is the 2nd oldest bridge linking Howrah and Kolkata.

2) Naming of Howrah bridge:

     The Howrah bridge construction duration is 1936 to 1942 and commission in 1943, it originally named Howrah bridge because of the linking two cities Howrah and Kolkata.
After the independence in 1965 the Howrah bridge renamed after the great Bengali poet who was the first Indian Asian who received the Nobel Laureate as Rabindra Setu but still popularly known as Howrah bridge.

3) Holding a world records:

  • Howrah bridge is the worlds busiest cantilever bridge by carrying a daily almost 100000 vehicles and nearly 150000 pedestrians.
  • In 1943, the Howrah bridge is the 3rd longest cantilever bridge with a suspended span over the Hugli River.
  • The Bridge is currently the 6th longest bridge of its own kind in the whole world.

4) Material and construction:

     To construct the bridge it consumed almost 26500 tons of steel which is supplied by the Tata Steel. The Chief engineer of port trust is Mr. J. McGlashan and in 1921 a team of engineer led by Sir R.N. Mukherjee
     The entire project cost is 25 million Rupees at that time, but the opening gets delayed due to WW2.

5) Do you know the Rabindra bridge is regarded as ”The Gateway to Kolkata” because it connects Kolkata city to Howrah station

6) Howrah bridge leaves his mark on Indian culture and the Indian Film Industry. Howrah bridge is the most used bridge in cinematography to demonstrate the culture and romance and purity of these places, it also shows that the Indian Heritage.

In numerous films the Howrah Bridge is picturise as the symbol culture, romance, and heritage.

7) Bridge specification:

     It is a unique bridge, one of its kind in the world at that time. The Howrah bridge is classified as the ”Suspension Type Balanced Cantilever” bridge.
     The bridge does not have any bolts snd nuts and the bridge deck hangs from 39 pairs of hangers suspended from the trusses.

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     It took only four years to complete the bridge and that too during war years when both men and materials were in short supply. Work went on round the clock in spite of strict blackouts in the city and there were no major accidents during the construction.
The Hooghly river valley was the most important industrial area of the state of Bengal.
     Due to declining jute industry, the prime industry of this region, but it is still one of the biggest industrial areas of India. It has a number of small cities which form the Greater Kolkata agglomeration, the second-biggest Indian city and former capital.


In this article, we tried to cover the Heritage Bridge and the factors which we think maybe you don’t know, so I hope you like the article please let us know if you don’t like it.

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