How to delete page in Word/WordPress/Medium/Facebook

Mostly for the beginners in the steps of learning they get stuck in many issues/queries like How to delete page in word?
There are some methods to delete the page by using some tricks, so let’s start it one by one.

1) How to delete the page in Word-Windows?

In Windows, there are some different tricks to delete the page lets see one by one.
  • Click or tap anywhere on the page that you want to delete, press (Ctrl+G).
  • Now Enter the Page Number box
  • Press Enter o your Keyboard and then select close option.
  • Verify that a page of content is marked and then press the delete button.
In macOS/MacBook, the procedure to delete the page is the same as we discussed above. Just follow the steps to delete the page in word.

2) How to delete the page in Word by using Navigation Pane:

In Windows or macOS, the toolbox menu gives the option to delete the page in word by following steps:
  • Click on View
how to delete page in Word
  • Tick on the box Navigation Pane
  • A sidebar will appear on the left with each page of your document
  • Click the Page that you want to delete
  • Click Backspace to delete the page.

3) Delete the page break in a word:

In the document if there is a page break the user is able to tell as it will say page break- delete it.
How to delete page in Word
When the page is deleted the extra page will be gone with it by following these simple tricks.

4) How to delete page in Word-Google docs?

The options and tricks in Google docs are the same as present in Windows and macOS, as we mention above.

5) How to delete a blank page in word?

In a word it includes the non-deletable pages, the blank page at the end of a document. Follow the steps to delete the blank page:
  • Press (Ctrl+Shift+8) to show paragraph marks
  • Select the paragraph mark
  • Select inside the font size, type 1, and then press Enter.
  • Paragraph now fits on preceding page to removing the unwanted blank page
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+8 again to hide paragraph marks
If that paragraph still doesn’t fit on the preceding page, you can make the bottom margin smaller. 
(Click Layout+Margins+Custom Margins)
So we hope guys you understand the procedure about How to delete page in Word? by just following these easy methods. In this method, we also try to explain various options to better understand the procedure.

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