How to check jio balance?: 6 Best way to check Reliance Jio balance

Reliance Jio is India’s fastest growing telecom company, it also set many world records on the company’s name.

The most commonly the Jio sim consumer having an issue to find the way for How to check Jio balance?. Jio created a user-friendly system for there customers due to these, the consumer can easily access the Jio’s hassle-free services at any time.

So today as a solution to this issue we are going to discuss the ways to check jio balance, let’s start the topic.

1) How to check Jio balance by using  MyJio application:

In the beginning when the Jio sim just launched their telecom service and at the time of sim activation, they automatically installed there default application in there 4G mobile devices to provide customers a continuous service.

How to check jio balance

One of the applications is the MyJio app, this application comes with many features like provide the balance notification, online recharge through many online payment options, and also provides the information about the complimentary voucher that available in your MyJio app.

In MyJio app the Jio customer can check their balance by just installing the latest MyJio app in their 4G smartphones.

The application is available on Google Play Store and iPhone App Store, so the consumer can download the application from there referring application store.

Procedure to check the balance through MyJio:

  • Installed the MyJio app
  • Open MyJio app, there are two option two login (Login with SIM and log in using OTP)
  • Select the login option as you want

Once you have completed your logged in procedure, the MyJio application will show your Jio balance and also the validity just on your home screen.

If you want to see more details about your plan and to check its validity you just simply tap on three lines in the up corner and find them there an option My Plan just click on it and that shows your current plan details.

How to check jio balance

The MyJio application gives you the option to redeem your available voucher, you can use this voucher at the time of recharge that gives you the discount on recharge.

Due to MyJio application the user can track their data, voice call, and SMS usage easily.

2) How to check Jio balance on Jio Phone connection:

Reliance Jio tries to provide the best services to there consumer on the classic phone by providing them the smartphone experience on Jio phone, its a low budget phone with a very simple interface.

How to check jio balance

The customer can check the balance through the inbuild MyJio application by following the same procedure as mention above.

3) How to check Jio balance by using

How to check jio balance

Reliance Jio provides the service to there customers to check their jio balance from the Jio official website.

  • Go to
  • Click on Sign-in option
  • Choose the option that you want to check the details e.g. Jio Mobile, JioFi, Jio Fiber, and Jio link.
How to check jio balance

  • To check Jio Balance select Mobile option
  • Enter your Jio number
  • Click on Generate OTP option
  • Enter OTP and click on submit option

Once you have complete the procedure you can check the balance and validity of your Jio connection.

4) How to check jio balance through SMS Notification:

Reliance Jio provides free SMS notification services to there all customers about there data consumption and the notification about there remaining balance through SMS notification.

5) How to check jio balance by SMS:

Reliance Jio user can check their jio balance by sending the SMS message through Jio SIM.

  • Type ”BAL” in your messaging application
  • Send it to 199

After sending the message, the user gets a message from the company with balance details.

6) How to check jio balance through IVR service:

Reliance jio provides the IVR service for there consumers who don’t use the MyJio application or who don’t want to use the Jio internet option to check the balance.

  • Dial 1991 from your JIO SIM
  • Dial *333#  From your JIO SIM

A consumer can here all details about there current net data, talk time, voucher detail, and also the validity details.

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In this article, the Reliance Jio customer now can easily check the jio balance through 5 best ways to balance. If you having any issue please contact us through comment and by email. 

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